Kelly Maureen O’Shea Fink, aka; Maureen O’Shea, was born and raised in southwestern Pennsylvania. She is blessed with a loving husband for thirty six years, two sons and a granddaughter. When she is not working her full time job as a Registered Nurse in an emergency room, she is reading novels. One year ago, she sat behind her laptop and began to write a story. Soon thereafter, the story became a novel. When she began this novel she never dreamed it would go any further than a file saved on her computer. She had shared her novel with some family members and friends and was given the encouragement to take it one step further.

Bitter Sweet Revenge , published by MindStir Media book publishers, is the first novel in the “Guardian Angel Series.” She is working on her second novel, “Whispers in the Dark” that sparks up the love interest between Nicole and Robert and focuses on a serial killer who eventually abducts Nicole. And the third novel, “Angel by my Side” which is about one of the SEAL team members who developed amnesia after a tragic accident. Will he remain with the women he falls in love with once he regains his memory? And will he keep her safe from a New York crime mobster who wants her dead?